-1.4 Acre land at Kenol Town ( on your way to Sagana) touching the Highway going at Ksh 45m.
-2 Acre land at kenol ( on your way to Sagana)touching the Highway near at Michael going at ksh 20
m per Acre.
-Secondary school at Nakuru on a Ten Acre land going at ksh 300 m.
-45 Acres of land at Maragua ridge Ideal for a resort or a prayer Center going at ksh 850 k per Acre.
-10 Acres at Mwea Vi going at ksh 600 k per Acre.
-100 Acre land near Thika Greens going at ksh 6.5 m per Acre .
-230 Acres developed land 8 km from Blue post hotel going at ksh 6.5 m per Acre.
-Agricultural lands in Malindi going at ksh 50 k per Acre ,they are in bunches of 30 Acres.
– 4-bedroomVilla in Malindi second Row near the billionares Club going at ksh 20 m.
-1/4, An Acre in Thika town (pilot) touching a railway station going at 12m.
-40 by 80 plots,5 km from Juja Town touching Juja Gatundu Road Going at ksh 850k.
-500 plots (50 by 100) on your way to konza at ksh 500k per Acre.
-43 Acres land touching tarmac at Marereni(Malindi Lamù road) going at ksh 150k per Acre.
-345 Acres at Ngovet near Ngari Nyiro River 25 km from Mantini,22 km from Narumoro.
-One Acre at Maragua near Pioneer school touching Tarmac going at k sh 8 m.
-7 bedroom house at Runda (evergreens) on 1/2 an Acre going at ksh 150 m.
-One Acre touching Tarmac near Thika Greens going at ksh 15m – 100 Acres touching Tarmac at
Kambiti Makuyu going at k sh 4 m per Acre.
All the property above have are Clean titles. Contact gmceo@nyagorealestate.co.ke or 0731605048